August 2020 Newsletter

August 16, 2020 3:07 PM | Kelly Chewning (Administrator)

It may be the dog days of summer, but there are still plenty of happenings in our community! 

One important part of building a Conscious Capitalism community is asking some challenging questions and encouraging honest answers. We understand that people and companies are recalculating in real-time to find new responses to 2020’s medical and economic upheaval, so we are hoping you’ll share what you can – advice, connections, resources. 

Organization culture is a critical element in middle-market companies and can be difficult to change because of company history, growth and diversification. The challenges are magnified in today’s fluid crisis-mode as people juggle life’s demands, school, family etc. and you don’t see them in the workplace. How are you, or your company, ensuring that you can support and encourage people while ensuring they bring the organization ethos and culture?

We’ve included a couple of links for ideas on the topic of Conscious Culture – one of the four key pillars – that will be a focus for upcoming live, discussions.

Weds. Sept. 23rd - Raj Sisodia, Babson College professor and co-author of the book “Everybody Matters” with Bob Chapman, chairman/CEO of St. Louis, MO-based Barry-Wehmiller, a $2.5B global manufacturing business with 11,000 team members. Bob’s view of leadership is People-Purpose-Performance that creates an environment where employees are engaged and fulfilled.  

Thurs. Oct 1st – Peggy Burns, associate dean at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, who is responsible for development and alumni will focus on fostering joy in the workplace. She has made “Workplace Joy” her mission and a hashtag as she cultivates connected workplaces that encourage participation, inclusion, safety, curiosity, innovation and a sense of purpose.


Work doesn’t just move to a new address when work-from-anywhere or connect with your team changes so dramatically. Workflows need buy-in to ensure they can shift and still achieve outcomes. Tasks need to be connected proactively – not just assumed that a handoff is smooth and completed. Participation needs to be active and encouraged. 

On top of all that, positive, pro-active statements about new cultural norms need to be explained, or created anew as conditions require. This year, especially, support for national causes or international disaster relief have led companies to re-examine corporate donations and even making CEO statements on current events. Here are a couple examples:

COVID Creates a Moment of Truth for Corporate Culture– an article from Bain & Co. on how workplace and company changed this year.

Helping your Team Recharge Remotely During Pandemic- ideas from the Red Hat Enterprises Project.



We’re encouraging members and our community to help Conscious Capitalism sponsors whose stores are closed or very limited – here are a few ways can you assist:

  • Consider personal gifts of a future visit to a restaurant or movie, event etc to support the business. Some people bought a future meal or haircut to keep their favorite stylist, eatery or local retailers afloat.
  • Reach out to store managers to ask if their teams need additional support, extra work hours or days, if their people are struggling to earn enough.
  • Ask about their customer’s customer. Many restaurants like Boloco, or caterers such as Basil Tree Catering shifted their business model to do shorter open hours, home delivery or grocery sales. Those may have changed again as restrictions changed; so it makes sense to ask questions, and stay in touch to know the current needs and capabilities.
  • Offer to help by assisting with other resources from financial planning with workers to daycare or elder check-ins. Even if it’s not your company’s daily business, being a good neighbor counts these days. 

Please email us ideas or your stories of helping out and supporting company culture.


September 23rd at 2 PM EST: Conscious Culture Part I: Creating & Sustaining Caring Cultures with Raj Sisodia and Bob Chapman

October 1st at 2 PM EST: Conscious Culture Part II: Fostering a Joyful Work Environment with Peggy Burns

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